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About Us

Helping you take 100% Full Responsibility For Your Healing

Everyone on this beautiful, chaotic, and evolving planet will go through changes and phases that will leave them feeling displaced or unmoored.
Life shows us all the highs and the lows. The good moments and the bad, but the real test is how we make it out of those events that leave us scarred or hurt.
It sounds so wonderful to “Just focus on yourself and practice self love” but is it actually doable?
How does one start their journey on healing?
What are the tools and techniques that can help you find yourself and center your goals, ambitions for the better.
It is natural to feel confused, lost, even hopeless in the beginning, which is why with GoWithin we move beyond the surface and help you find your inner voice and soul to start the process of healing.
With GoWithin we help you take 100% responsibility for your own healing by equipping you with the tools to move forward and live a healthy, fulfilling life.
The only question is: are you ready?


Connect with Barbra Bautista

At GoWithin we have an excellent team of professionals available to help you find your purpose,
get started on healing your inner scars, and find a purpose.
All our clients get the opportunity to connect with Barbra Bautista, our qualified practitioner who has multiple years of experience in helping people heal and love themselves.


Create Resilience, Vitality and Vibrant Health

In the rat race of our lives, it is easy to be blinded by ambitions and goals that can have adverse effects on your health.
The old saying that “health is wealth” has never been more true in our fast paced age where everyone has time for their work but not themselves.
To enjoy the fruits of the hard work and efforts you make in your professional life, it is important you carve out time to work on yourself, your health – both physical and mental.
With vitality and a vibrant health, you will be able to become resilient in all spheres of life.

At GoWithin we make it our mission to educate our clients on the consequences of ignoring warning signs about their health and take reins in their own hand before the pressure and stress of the world runs them down.
And if that sounds like something you’re neglecting for far too long… well it isn’t too late to make a change and difference in your life.
With GoWithin we will help you in creating a healthy lifestyle that will have benefits in the long run.
So get on board on the vibrant, vital and resilient lifestyle for a physically and mentally rich life.